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If you are dealing with an audit from the IRS, you do not want to try to handle this on your own. Our team is properly trained and has years of experience working with IRS auditors, so we can get you the best possible legal resolution. As soon as you are notified by the IRS that you’re being audited, get in touch with us at 718-871-8250 to schedule a meeting where we can discuss your options.

What Is an Audit

An audit is basically an event where the IRS takes a much closer look at your taxes to ensure everything is being handled correctly. These audits can be triggered randomly, or they can be triggered because the IRS believes there has been a problem with your taxes. In some cases, the IRS will simply look over all your tax forms and ask some questions before the case is closed. If they find anything that is concerning to them they will likely request all forms and other paperwork related to your taxes.

In some cases, once they find a problem with one year’s taxes, they will begin to dig into previous years to see if this is a pattern of problems. The IRS can look back at least six years in most cases, so you need to be prepared to answer any questions they have and provide them with the necessary documentation to prove that what you claimed on your taxes was accurate.

Negotiating with the IRS

If the IRS discovers problems on your taxes they will need to either determine that the problems were due to negligence of some sort, or the issues were intentional. If they find that you intentionally defrauded the IRS, they can bring up criminal charges. For mistakes, they will simply require that the mistakes are corrected, and any money that is owed is paid. There will often be additional fines and penalties as well.

You have the right to defend yourself, and even negotiate with them to get better results. Having an accounting team working with you will allow you to have more effective negotiations that can get you much better results. Our team has years of experience negotiating with IRS investigators, and we’ll fight for the best possible results.

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Contact us today if you are being audited, or you think that you will be soon. Don’t delay getting the help you need. To get in touch with us, please dial 718-871-8250 today.


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