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Forensic accounting is used for a variety of reasons. It can quantify economic loss or damage in cases of theft or fraud, and business valuation in cases of business dissolution or divorce. Forensic accounting investigations are also used by government, businesses, and individual shareholders to uncover and document crimes against property, including theft, loss and economic damages. The forensic auditing process is comprehensive and can potentially damage a business’s hard-earned reputation and public image. During these times, it is especially important to have discreet and thorough professionals helping you develop and document your case. Whether you’re preparing for litigation or need to conduct an in-depth financial analysis, McLan Accounting Services LLC has the experience to serve your forensic accounting needs.

Forensic Accounting Investigations

Forensic accounting is a comprehensive process that looks for evidence of theft, fraud or otherwise criminal financial behaviors. A forensic accountant will examine financial records like bank statements and ledgers, including any supporting databases and spreadsheets. This, along with other electronic information like emails, memos and phone records. Criminal cases are coordinated with law enforcement and attorneys, looking for clues that can lead to evidence to be used in court proceedings. Money laundering and fraud can be hard to detect. But, sophisticated forensic accounting techniques, experience in looking for suspicious patterns, and appropriate data analytics can help uncover these criminal activities. Theft and fraud can be devastating to your business. During this difficult time, it’s especially important to have the experienced and discreet professionals at McLan Accounting LLC investigating and preparing your case.

Litigation Support

Not all forensic accounting involves criminal wrongdoing. There are times when you’ll need forensic accounting tools to help you prepare for non-criminal litigation, such as contract, shareholder and partnership disputes, and solvency litigation during bankruptcy. You might also need McLan Accounting Services LLC’s business valuation services to help you establish a value for your business during changes in ownership or divorce proceedings. Forensic accounting techniques can also be used to help you document and put a value on past costs for your financial planning efforts. Furthermore, establish the cost of certain business practices (such as those related to complying with regulatory mandates and ordinances).

Thorough and Discreet

While not all situations involve criminal activities, there are times when it pays to have an independent investigation. For instance, to thoroughly document a business’s financial transactions. McLan Accounting Services LLC is expert at conducting in-depth forensic business audits, identifying suspicious patterns and employing rigorous data analytics to uncover potentially hidden assets. Your business’s brand, public image and reputation are important assets that need to be protected during a forensic accounting audit. McLan Accounting Services LLC will work tirelessly to ensure that the investigation is not only comprehensive, but also discreet.

Regardless of your particular situation, the experienced professionals at McLan Accounting Services LLC can help you conduct sophisticated investigations and thoroughly document complex financial transactions to support your litigation.


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